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One Software for All Your Courier Delivery.

We help courier businesses find customers and manage their orders in an effective and efficient way.

One Software for All Your Shipping Needs

We help courier businesses manage thier orders in an effective and efficient way.

Stay on top of things with our pro dashboard

Keep tabs on day to day deliveries with our super intuitive dashboard using:

Dispatch Management

Help your dispatchers deliver to customers in record time while keeping track of items to be delivered

Optimize Your Delivery Process

Don’t waste time on search manual tasks. Let Automation do it for you. Simplify workflows, reduce errors, and save time.

Simplified Operations

User-friendly and interactive interface for your needs.

Dispatch Management

Easily assign and reassign parcel delivery to available dispatchers.


Gain insights on all delivery activities with ease.

Real Time

Visualize where a shipment destination and rider are.


Fardelins is a SaaS software that helps courier companies connect and serve their customers.

Yes, you can, Our free account was specifically designed for this purpose.

Yes, payment could be made monthly, quarterly, biannual and annually.

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